Golder Bail Bonds Application

By filling out these online forms, I am authorizing the release of all credit data to Golder Bail Bonds Inc. that is necessary to complete this process. Necessary information may include but not be limited to my past and present employment and earnings, past and present resident history, savings and checking account information, government financial aid, consumer credit balances, payments and history through one or more credit bureaus. I understand my responsibilities as an Indemnitor (Co-Signer) on a bail bond for the Defendant. I certify that all information given in these applications, supporting documents and interviews is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false information, omissions or misrepresentation of facts called for in this application may disqualify my application.

STEP ONE - Please Call 919-834-2288 to speak with an Agent

You will need to provide the Agent with the Defendant's name and other basic information.

STEP TWO - Defendant & Indemnitor Application Application must be filled out completely and with current information.

Defendant Application CLICK HERE

Indemnitor Co-Signer Application CLICK HERE

(I.D., Check Stub, Bill) CLICK HERE

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